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Wise Words from a Doctor: The net effect of good news is always positive

A Worecester Royal Dr. writes (via email):

In this world, people spend too much time concentrating on bad news. It sells better newspapers, and is high calibre fuel during gossip sessions. But it doesn’t make anyone feel better. On the contrary, it usually adds to the pain of an individual or group.

On the other hand, spreading good news always make someone feel better in themselves, fuels individuals and groups to work harder, and the net gain in society is always positive.

I’m so pleased you’ve gone to the effort of starting a ‘Good News Blog’. I’ll be following it with interest.

Good luck

If you think he is right, then make someone feel better, fuel individuals and teams, and have a positive impact on society.

There’s an appetite for good news stories…

This blog has only been going 5 days and I am already amazed at the good news you have sent about the hospitals in Worcestershire. From Sorrel Suite and Acute Stroke, to the Alex Rehab and Chaplaincy. The blog has had hundreds of views- and people have commented and sent me messages.

I honestly believe that people want to hear your good news experiences of the hospital.

So if you can spare a minute or two CONTACT ME and share your good news. I guarantee it will do everyone good.

Maybe we might even persuade the local printed press that good news sells papers too!(OK, I’ll get real again).

So if you are a patient who wants to tell your story, or a member of staff with a comment, or a community member with a point of view -then share your news.

People are waiting to hear from you!