We all know that bad news sells papers… but its not really a free press is it ?

Think of the last headlines you have seen for Wocestershire Hospitals.

To go by those you would think that our hospitals were on the verge of collapse; patients are being left in thier own excrement; nurses are just sitting at the desk on their computers, etc, etc, etc.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

So why is our experience of our local hospitals so different to that portrayed in the local papers?

Now I would defend to the death a free press (I am a lefty liberal after all) but it’s not really free, is it, if it is driven by market forces.
Of course the media have a duty to shine a spotlight on a world in which cover ups galore… but what about the good news. It get’s lost.

And so our job is to be the part the free press which is not free. To redress the balance. To put the good news on the front page. And even if only one or two read it, it’s here for all to see, with no market forces acting upon it.

Oh and it relies on you and I. The voices which really matter. The community who have an investment in our local hospitals.

So let’s redress the balance. End of sermon!

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