Fantastic Alex Rehab Team Strikes Again!!

Graham Masefield posted a comment praising the Alex Rehab Team. Again it is worthy of a whole post of its own.

Graham writes:

“I also had the benefit of attending Redditch Alex Hospital Rehabilitation unit pursuant to heart surgery at Coventry Hospital, which followed a stay in Worcester Royal. The care and assitance offered by the Rehab Unit was fantastic and the help/guidance provided by Linda Barret, specialist cardiologist nurse, was superb. I am a very positive person, but needed supportive direction and professional help to comprehend how I wished to make my way forward. Following further surgery I have now moved-on and have the prospect of a good life, but only because of the care and assistance provided by Linda Barrett and the Rehab Unit. This is a view shared by my wife who saw my progression at this critical time.”

These are the voices which never get heard in the headlines. About time they did.
Well done Linda Barrett for making a difference: “We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” (Mother Teresa)

But most of all: THANK YOU Graham for taking time to share your good news. We wish you well in the future

3 responses to “Fantastic Alex Rehab Team Strikes Again!!

  1. Thank you David for taking the time and effort to encourage the staff who are working so hard at present and do only seem to get negative feedback so much of the time. I think this is a fantastic idea.

  2. I should like to endorse the comments by David Masefield. The rehab team led by Linda Barrett at the Alex are absolutely first class.I myself had a Quadruple bypass operation at the QE in August 2008 followed by rehab classes at the Alex, I was feeling pretty useless after the operation but Linda & her team would have none of that and within a few weeks I had a new zest for life.
    My wife had a heart attack in May 2011 she too was assigned to the Alex rehab team, who got her going again. She is now awaiting heart bypass surgery at Wallsgrave hospital Coventry, she knows what to expect from the cardiac rehab team and holds no fears.
    We are both eternally grateful to them at the Alex,and I have no doubt we will be seeing them soon after my wife’s heart bypass

  3. David

    As always your enthusiasm is fantastic! what a great way to appreciate our staff and the fantastic care we give here! Whilst we often identify individuals who demonstrate such compassion, the feedback from patients is invaluable
    Bev Edgar Director of HR

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