Nurses are human too, you know…


It’s funny how we tend to forget the humanity of professionals.
And so here are our Acute Nursing Staff. Doing amazing things. Confronting pain and illness and death on a daily basis with some (forgive me for being an old fart) being so young in life experience.

There is reward in doing a job well, but it can be exhausting. A few words of thanks can go a long way to re-energise someone.

Patients and Relatives: help play a part in making the Worcestershire Hospitals better by give praise where it is due

Staff: We have a responsibility to one another. If you see someone doing something good, tell them.
These are our hospitals. They deserve and need our suport.

Oh, and I’ll start the ball rolling. I have already written to the Chief Exec about this but THANK YOU Staff Nurse Kathryn Norwood for the care and compassion I saw so evident in your care to the elderly lady patient M. Recognising her needs; calling me in to her, and treating her as you would, I suspect, treat your own family.

30 seconds to write; but maybe immeasurable in its value.
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One response to “Nurses are human too, you know…

  1. There appears to be endless nurse bashing in the press at the moment, when moral is really low it is the last thing we, as nurses want to read. There are about 500.000 of us around and only a few that have been in the wrong, of course we all where the same uniform so we all carry the can. I came into nursing, what feels like a million years ago and started my training in at the deep end on the wards. I will never forget the first time I saw a nude patient – I was very shy in those days, training has changed as has everything in life, we need to keep up to date with technology etc. However a patient needs remain the same. It was drilled into me to treat patients as I would want to be treated and that is with RESPECT. I get sworn at, have been attacked and spat at, I know all the swear words now as thay are ofen used against me. Life in A &E is never dull, but I have to respect these people as they have come for a reason. The last patient I crossed, thought I should have been a banker – or I think thats what he said!. I sometimes think the managers above forget there is a person under the uniform who has feelings and needs. So please stop the nurse bashing and let us do our job. A simple Thank you helps

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