The problem with the King’s Fund patient satisfaction survey is…

So the Kings fund satisfaction survey has found that patient satisfaction has levelled out at 61% for 2012 following a fall from 70%, in 2010, to 58% in 2011.

But is a survey of 1,100 people (who may or may not be patients themselves) an important barometer of the NHS. It seems unlikely to me. Look at some of the comments on the BBC News Website.

“I think NHS is doing good job despite hard times. Patients should also learn to manage their expectations. I personally wouldn’t be bothered with substandard food and other comforts as long as NHS provides there core service which is Medical care to acceptable standard. And I think people who complain have not seen what bad care really is.”

“All my experience of the NHS has been good from my father’s care while dying, to when my children were ill,contrast this to experience in other systems
US:My brother broke his neck during company take-over,they stabilised him but refused to treat until they were sure his new company would insure him
Canada: My daughter had a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop and the charge was $600 for 5 minutes”

“I was rushed in to hospital last year and the treatment I had was faultless. All the staff were a credit to their profession. The only problem I found was lack of communication but I guess something has to give when you are under-staffed and morale is low. Let’s see what the figures say in a year when the current changes start to bite”

Vist to see more comments. Not all are glowing- but not by a margin of 39%.

So send your good news stories of Worcester to hospital to me via the details on the CONTACT ME tab.

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