First Class Care and Attitude for Colonoscopy in Sorrel Suite

Here is a portion of an email from J. (used with consent) who contacted me at with this message.

“Yesterday I underwent a colonoscopy, and my experience, ranging from referral by my GP 15 days earlier, meeting Mr Zilvetti 4 days ago in the Sorrell Suite with that clinic’s supporting nursing team, to the actual procedure in Endoscopy, was first class. The attitude and care from the latter department’s male receptionist, staff nurse Lindsey, and the other nurses, and also surgeon Mr Lake to me, my family, and to other patients having a procedure that day was highly commendable – showing care, compassion, efficiency and the new buzz word – candour. It takes very little time to reassure & instil confidence in a patient if a positive attitude is present, – smiles and friendly words cost very little, & I believe in return, the appreciation of patients gave those staff members the sense of a job being very well done. Do pass on my appreciation.”

J highlights the way in which treating patients in such a way feedsback into the staff’s sense of pride. An important point.
Thanks so much for sending this in and for supporting our hospitals.


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