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Just the sort of thing I hope others will send me. It’s good to hear this experience, so well written. Keep them coming.

Christina James, crime novelist

Bourbon Creams

Earlier this week, I was booked into my local NHS hospital as a day-patient in order to undergo a minor medical procedure.  I’ve always had excellent service from the NHS and try to take the trouble to say so each time I use it, as it has had, just recently, a lot of bad press.  The irreproachable care that it dispenses 95% of the time often fails to get a mention.

Mine was the first generation to benefit from the NHS from birth.  Early memories include solemnly hanging on to the handle of the pushchair when my younger brother was being taken to the clinic.  (That pushchair was something else: made of a kind of khaki canvas, with solid metal wheels, it folded up crabwise, so that the wheels lay flat under the canvas.  It weighed a ton and had been used by several babies in the family.  If they’d…

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Great News: BBC Radio H&W back Good News Campaign

David Southall

Just had some fantastic news.

I will be on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester Sunday Programme with MIchael Collie tomorrow.

So listen out on Radio H&W at 8:10am tomorrow.

I hope this might encourage some comment to comment on my blog and send me your stories. Thanks so much Lizzie Lane for giving this your backing.

So get your good news stories about the good care you have recieved at Worcestershire Hospitals to me and maybe I’ll get chance to read them out on air.

Who will be the first, I wonder?