First Post

This is my first post. Hopefully in the next few weeks this blog will be full of comments from the Worcestershire community about the care they recieved from the local hospitals.

if you are fed up of all the bad news about the NHS
if you want to thank the staff who helped you and let others in our community see your comments
or just tell everyone about the care you recieved

…then contact me at; or write to The Chaplain, Level 1, Worcestershire Royal Hospital, WR5 1DD.

I will make sure every comment I recieve appears on my blog.

I look forward to hearing from you.

4 responses to “First Post

  1. Denise Winters

    I was in the Alex after suffering a very bad heart attack. They were absolutely fantastic. The after care at the Rehabilitation was second to none. To be honest the rehab team saved my life as I was so depressed I was afraid to live and afraid in case I died. The team got me and my family through this traumatic time.

  2. As a county councillor I have quite a lot to do with health issues and in another role I meet lots of nurses – though in the community nursing sector. I see a level of dedication and compassion which is pretty-well unmatched in any other walk of life.
    Anyway, I’m just back from Tesco where a very nice lady on the till bemoaned the fact that these days nurses pop in to do their shopping in their uniforms. I pointed out that, whereas once a nurse’s uniform was indication of their vocation and expertise, now anyone can go into a shop, buy the same outfit and do work calling themselves a nurse.
    Well done on the blog and let’s give back to real nurses the status they deserve.

  3. Could have been the cleaners from Merry Hill they wear the same uniform as band 5 nurses!

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